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This page provides information concerning those who are in the various stages of development toward Holy Orders. Here you will find those who are seeking ordination as priest and others who have been called to the Permanent or Vocational Deaconate. And, if you are interested in how the process works, click here.

Whereas, The Celtic Episcopal Church provides within its Canons the authority to ordain women as Deaconess, it is reserved for those who are clearly already exercising a ministry that requires ordination as Deaconess to fulfill; otherwise, ordination of women to the Deaconal order will be rare. Women are not eligible for orders as Priest or Bishop.

Pastor Esteban Francisco Valdes Sanchez has advanced to the level of Postulant for Ordination to the Priesthood.

Pastor Esteban was previously ordained a Deacon within the Moravian Church of Jamaica. As he was pastoring a local church, he and the people who are with him sensed a need to be a part of a liturgical and sacramental jurisdiction in apostolic succession. After much investigation, the Lord God All-Holy Spirit led him to our website and was convinced that he and his congregation needed to be part of our church. Please pray that the Lord will find a way to meet all of our challenging needs as we seek to embrace him and the people of St. Patrick's.