Gaelic - English Top Title

English Christian To Goidelic Expressions

Titles, forms of address, and greetings in Goidelic Languages. The parts enclosed in parenthesis is a phoenic pronunciation.

"Your eminence" do Ard-Onoir (doh ard-awn-er)
Irish and Scots Gaelic both: do Ard-Onoir (doh ard-awn-er)

"Your Grace" do Ghras (doh GHrahss)
Irish and Scots Gaelic both: do Ghras (doh GHrahss)
Welsh: dy ngras (duh NG-rahss, the ng is as in singer)

"Your Excellency" do Oirdheirceas
Scots-Gaelic: do Oirdheirceas (doh AIR-yair-kass)
Irish-Gaelic: do Shoilse (doh Hwell-shuh)

"Dear Reverend" A athair, a charaid
In Irish: A Athair, a chara, (uh AH-hur uh KHAH-ruh)
Scots-Gaelic substitute: a charaid for a chara (KHAH-rij for KHAH-ruh)

"In the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit"
A ainm an Athar , agus a Mhic , agus an Spioraid Naoimh
Latin: In nomine Patri et Filii et Spiritui Sancti.

"Peace of Christ be with you"
Irish Gaelic: Siochain Criosta leat (Shee-khawn Kreesta latt)
Scots-Gaelic version: Sithidh Criosda leat (Shee Kreesta latt)
Latin: Pax Christi Tecum.

"Blessing of God [be] with you”
Irish Gaelic: Beannacht De leat (Bannakht Day latt or Bannakht Jay latt)
Scottish Gaelic: Go mbeannai Dia dhuit (Goh manny Dee-uh ghwit or Go manny Jee-uh ghwit)
Scottish Gaelic: Dia dhuit (Jee-uh ghwit) is short of the above phrase.
In some dialects it is Dia duit (Jee-uh dwit)

"Most Reverend" An t-Ard-Easbaig
(un tard Espig/Aspig) (literally the Arch-Bishop)

"Very Reverend" Ro-Oirmhinneach
(ROH Oyr-vin-nakh)

"Dear Father, (name)" A Athair, a chara
(Uh- HAH-hur uh KHAH-ruh)

“The Lord be with you” An Tiarna leat (un TEER-nuh latt) Singular.
“The Lord be with you” An Tiarna libh (un TEER-nuh liv) Plural Irish.
“The Lord be with you” An Tiarna leibh (un TEER-nuh layv) Plural Scots.
Latin: Dominus vobiscum.

"And also with you" Agus tu freisin
(awgus too freshin)
Latin: et cum spirito tuo.

"And with your spirit" Agus do anam freisin
(Awgus doh ah-num freshin).

When writing to a monk:
“Dear Brother” A Bhrathair, a chara (Uh VRAH-hur, uh KHAH-ruh)
"My brother” Mo Bhrathair (Moh Vrah-hur)

“My friend”
Irish Gaelic: Mo chara (Mo KHAH-ruh)
Scots Gaelic: Mo charaid (KHAH-rij) sound like "car-ridge."

"In Christ" i gCriost (IH Greest)

"Servant of Christ" Gillechriosd  (gila Kreesta )

"Servant of Jesus" Gillosa (gila Iosa)

“Deacon” Diacon (jee-uh-kawn or jeekawn for short)
Scots Gaelic and with the vocative particle a (ah) in front of it (meaning O or Hey)
it becomes:

“Dear Deacon” A Dhiacon (YEE-uh-kawn or YEE-kawn)

“Brother” Brathair (BRAH-hir). Religious.
“Dear Brother” A dearbhrathair (Jayrbrahir) Sure Brother or blood relative.
“Dear Brother Deacon” A bhrathair dhiacon (a BRAH-hir YEE-kawn)

“Dear Sister” A Shiuir (Ah Hyooir or Ah Hyure) Religious.
“Dear Sister” A dearbhshiur (sometimes pronounced DRA-hoor) Blood Relative.

“Yours truly” Le durachd.

"In God we trust" An Dia ar  n-earbsa.

This document was accomplished with the help of our Gaelic speaking clergy.