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Metropolitan John Visits Celtic Ogam

Metropolitan John in front of a large rock with Ogam writing

Longest Ogam Writing in the World

The above picture shows our beloved Metropolitan kneeling next to a large rock formation in the mountians near Charleston, West Virginia showing a lengthy Ogam writing that has been translated, see below, and surmised to have been chizeled into the stone by a Celtic Missionary Monk as early as circa 500 AD. See the article entitled West Virginia Runes. It the article, Dr. Barry Fell comments, "The West Virginia Ogam texts are the longest Ogam inscriptions recorded from anywhere in the world. They exhibit the grammar and vocabulary of Old Irish in a manner previously unknown in such early rock-cut inscriptions in any Celtic language. The protection of these sites is of paramount importance. It has been an inspiring privilege to work with such historic material."

Translation of Barry Fell from Old Irish and Berber

A happy season is Christmas, a time of joy and goodwill to all people. A virgin was with child; God ordained her to conceive and be fruitful. Ah, Behold, a miracle! She gave birth to a son in a cave. The name of the cave was the Cave of Bethlehem. His foster-father gave him the name Jesus, the Christ, Alpha and Omega. Festive season of prayer.

The right hand of God is a shield - A prayer

[In Berber] The right hand of God.