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Monk Scholar Icon School of Celtic Christian Studies Page provides the Catelog that includes the Curriculum for the Sacred Theological Licentiate (S.T.L.) in Celtic Christian Studies. This program of study is only available for those who are either seeking Holy Orders or Life Professed Vows in the Order Celtic Monastic Life (OCML). Click On This
Stewardship Study Guide - Christian Stewardship Page provides Biblical teaching on the subject of Christian Stewardship? Are you aware that Christian Stewardship has more to do with Love of God and One another than money? Check it out. A church that has a vision for being a representation of the Kingdom of God in our communities must have a generous heart by really understanding just what Almighty God has done for us through His Son, Jesus Christ. Allow the All-Holy Spirit to fill you with enthusiasm as you work your way through this Bible based teaching, and may He bless you in terms of time, talent, and treasures.
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St. Joseph of Arimathea The Apostle to Glastonbury - Saint Joseph of Arimathea Page provides critical information on the person and life of this important person in the providence of God for the British Isles, and it will get you started in learning what happened shortly after the Ascention of our Lord and the events of Pentecost where Joseph of Arimathea and the Bethany group were banished from Jerusalem by the Jewish authorities in a boat without oars and sail. Have you ever wondered? This information was borrowed from, but the web site is no longer available. Nevertheless, the book The Drama of the Lost Disciples by George F. Jowert provides essentially the same information but in more detail. Click On This
Small Ogam Writing Metropolitan John visits a Celtic Ogam Site in West Virginia which is shown in the picture provided on this page. The Celtic Episcopal Church recognizes that a part of its vision for the United States of America is the revision of its early history to show that significant evidence exists to demonstrate scientifically and archeologically that Celtic Monk Missionaries were at work in this continent as early as circa 500 A.D. Need more convincing, follow the provided link where you can read about some of the work of scholars on the subject. Click On This
OCMA Logo The Ogam inscription depicted on this shield is found and inscribed on a rock in West Virginia. It is translated into English as "Christ was smitten and paid an abundant ransom for those who allow him to be the spirit that drives their ship” 7th century Ogam from West Virginia. There is widespread agreement that there were Celtic Christian monks in the North American continent approximately 800 A.D. Follow this link to read more.
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This article entitled Celtic Monasticism: A Model of Sanctity was written by Hieromonk Ambrose (Father Aleksey Young) and was borrowed from website. It can be read by clicking on this Link.